Home cooks deserve Better !!

Let’s accept the fact that We home cooks around the world need Rapport and An Adventurous Environment to keep us going through the seasons of life , A world we love to wake up to most mornings , no matter how tedious our chores get each day .

We often make it hard for us as we forget to take care of our selves while taking care of others.

For some of us cooking isn’t rocket science and its all about passion and stress buster, And there are some of us where day to day cooking is a constant battle against back to back tides Especially when we are entrusted to nurture our family with back bending work , long hours , perhaps the sweetest part is everyone around us lends us a hand that’s where all the joy sprouts from , but the fact is it takes diligent learning and constant efforts to cope better with incoming tides.

In one way or another , we seek for coping strategies as we grow. Don’t we all ?

I felt like sharing my thoughts with fellow Home cooks to work toward a positive and enlightened Kitchen Environment and to find ourselves to be a part of a Great Home cooking community !!


Welcome to My New Food Blog


A simple blog for Home cooks , Sharing Insights on Home cooking Deliciousness ,Indian food, Everyday recipes , Easy recipes , culinary experiments and few sprinkles of Kitchen stories here and there . We Hope our posts add magic to your everyday kitchen journey !!

Nothing Complicated

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Simply Home cooking

Joyful Journey

Fantasic Food

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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Everyone Has a Unique Taste , Are You A Dumpling freak like me ?

Dumplings !!

There are different versions of it as in

Gyoza , Wonton, Mandu ,Momo or we south Indians have Kozhukattai or Pattiri , Modak in our north Indian counter parts .

It can be prepared with , All – purpose flour , Taro or Tapioca flour and Rice flour each has its own recipe according to its place of origin.

I love chicken stuffed wonton soup as a winter comfort , and all vegan coconut and palm sugar stuffed country side pattiri which is served along coconut milk as a sauce.

Moreover just learning to make traditional savoury kozhukattai with rice flour entices my creative side as if I turned into a kid playing with play dough , as a therapy to release stress.

I’m up for learning to make best dumplings and share my recipes in a best manner , until then its test and trial .

Spicy Home style fried chicken

A tasty but quick starter anyone can cook .


– Shredded boneless chicken – 150 GMs

– Juice of 1/2 lemon

– 2 tbsp kashmiri chilli powder

1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste

– beaten egg to coat the spices

– All – purpose flour – 1 tsp

– cornflour – 2tsp

A pinch of fennel seed powder( ( optional)

Salt as required

– Method

Marinade chicken pieces with lemon juice and spices for 15 -30 min

Mix as much egg needed to coat the marinated chicken and and flour mixture to a smooth but thick consistency .

Heat a non- stick pan with 1/2 cup oil and shallow fry in batches to your taste , until dry and crisp or moist and soft .

-Note while cooking boneless chicken make sure its at room temperature if you cook it straight from the fridge , it tends to get dry and hard .

Here we go a

For best results always marinade boneless chicken for at least 15 min with lemon , vinegar or curd or in salt brine .

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Here we go a delicious chicken meal

Here we go a tasty chicken appetizer , you can dress it with your favorite sauce , use it in salads or wraps or a side for rice , the choice

Beginner Basics : 7 Lessons every beginner cook must learn

1)Get to know your ingredients

Ingredients are like people at first its hard to understand how much time a certain vegetable needs to cook or how much overpowering some spices can get , that can affect your overall recipe it takes time to get used to , always be aware and explore the hidden properties of Ingredients.

2) Know your pots and pans

Have you ever wondered , why most of your cooking ends up as a burnt mess ? That may not fall entirely upon you , Some pans and pots may require seasoning for example ;

Cast iron , chinese wok and dosa tawa needs frequent seasoning and care .

Whereas clay pot must be soaked and seasoned in the beginning .

3) Keep up with the environment

Whether its bread baking or making dosa batter , environment plays a major role in yeast fermentation .

Summers spoil food sooner , winters take more time to cook, rainy season may invite cereal bugs and other insects .

Our surrounding climate can change the out come of our kitchen management .

4) Learn about your family

This lesson is very crucial , as health and taste preference may vary from person to person , the elderly and the infant require different food than the ones on a diet , a pregnant woman needs more nutrious food than a average person and so we must learn to be patient , when it comes to tuning into their needs .

5) Know your cooking style

Yes ! Some of us have clumsy and creative style and some of us have a practical and organized way of cooking.

Both styles has its ups and downs , So its best to know ourselves and channelize our strengths accordingly yet constantly improvising and weak spots on the go .

6) Keep track of the measurements

Lets accept the fact , that most of us aren’t good at maths at the beginning stages , but keeping track and memorizing measurements pays off in long run .

Lets say when recreating a recipe or tracking the cost spent on a dinner recipe .

7 ) Create your own journal

This is where all our emotions , thoughts ,kitchen fails , disasters, comebacks, small wins, goals, creativity, meal planner and schedules gets translated

So that we can revise our progress without judging ourselves .

3 Ingredient Pasta Salad

Times like these we must choose minimalist recipes , to keep ourselves strong – willed !

  • Ingredients
  • Boiled fusilli pasta – 1 cup
  • Pomegranate – 1/2 cup
  • Spring onions or green chillies (depending on availability)

For extra hit we may add vinaigrette, fresh cream or curd (again depending on the availability)

If you have your version of minimalist pasta salad from scratch , do share your thoughts in comments ♥

Simple Mint and Mustard Potato Salad

Softly boiled potatoes dressed with homemade mustard sauce ,which I received as a gift from a French chef.

Drizzled with local produce “lemon juice and fresh mint leaves” – would that count as a indo -French fusion salad ?

Hmm… I wonder

Wait …what about fresh cream yoghurt or mayonnaise ??

Ah..that I missed didn’t I ? , the challenge was to make a decent meal from scratch , as I was trying to juggle too many things at the same time

I forgot to buy my favorite fresh cream but still , I had to move on with ingredients at hand anyway and it was a new flavour .

Nevertheless, the mint and potato combination somehow reminded me the taste of Samosa and mint chutney .

May be I should do a post on my best Samosa moments in upcoming days Hopefully !!

Meanwhile don’t shy to make your own style salad recipes with the ingredients that call out to you !!

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Coping with Quarantine Stress

As a person who spent most of my life time in cooking , How does Quarantine cooking feel ?

Just like everyone else , Its bit hard adapting to changing times , and to find new ways to cope with economical crisis that’s lurking in the dark which is inevitable on a Global scale.

I see it as a time we can rise together as home cooks providing valuable information to the world the best we can !!

Yes , we won’t get anywhere close to the service nurses, doctors and sanitization workers doing for the world but lets take inspiration from them and provide strength and support in ways we can and hold on to hope and positive attitude .

  1. Its a good time to forget about unhealthy restaurant food for a while and reconnect with our old times and dig deep into our traditional minimalist family recipes .

2. Get Creative – Invention is the mother of necessity , So we can cheer ourselves by introducing new ways to ordinary things , but do keep in mind ;

” Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist ” – Pablo Picasso

3. Its a high time to share our kitchen responsibilities with our family members and learn to cope together with out breaking the social distance rule , yet finding ways to cherish these rare moments and build a positive environment

4. Ease your self a bit , keep yourself inspired by watching Movies and Asian Dramas under cooking genre , My Favorite movie is “Ratatouille”

As for Asian Drama “Jewel in the Palace ” has a classic old school feel to it .

but I have to admit Dramas are addictive , So I’m on a ” No Drama Diet”

And Yes!! avoiding real life drama will also keep us focused and I mostly avoid binge watching News channels beyond necessary considering the times, we deserve our ” Inner peace “

On the contrary we can give ourselves a break from the mundane cooking hassles and chores by grounding ourselves with our favorite or productive hobbies or other pending tasks or if you have craved for alone time and meditation now is the time .

Finally Let’s take a moment and appreciate every cook around the world , giving their best to feed people in need within our homes , hospitals and everywhere .

On the whole its an opportunity to take a break from man – made complicated and polluted life and feel the moment and feed our souls in to living a simplified and spiritually enlightened life with what we have .

Let’s break the Status Quo for a while and appreciate the good in our lives shall we ?!

Fairy Kitchen craft is thankful to our readers and fellow bloggers for lending us your support by devoting your valuable time to read our posts .

I’m hopeful , we can all help and inspire everyone the best that we can

Let’s stay connected with our hearts.

Home Cooks and Crisis Management

I wish I could say , cooking is magic but in reality it can get Hectic.

As home cooks we all know the ups and downs of unexpected events and sudden crisis .

Sometimes though we deal with management crisis and sometimes “Crisis management “.

In my experience , Crisis is of 4 kinds to all home cooks .

  • Health crisis
  • Financial crisis
  • Relationship crisis
  • Environmental crisis
  1. Health – from common flu to chronic illness to serious pandemic , we are required to be in the front lines of service with commitment . It can be stressful at these times especially for people with anxiety and depression , never the less it seems like our challenge is about finding our strength when we think we don’t have any .

2. Finance – its a common one among all households sometimes we look at our refrigerator and wonder , What’s for dinner ? Or if you are from a big family like me , its always a battle to figure out to make a decent nutritious meal on a budget

Hold on , eventually things may get better because finance is always fluctuating every now and then and it teaches us to become effective resource managers.

3. Relationship – perhaps the most daunting aspect to manage in our lives and it can be depressing if our relationships takes a hit ..due to inexplicable reasons , in my opinion watching our sick loved ones suffer , yet pushing ourselves to refocus on our responsibilities takes everything we got !!!!

4. As for Environmental factors, like drought , flood and other natural disasters things are beyond anyone’s control , and we will be forced to do with what is available to us at the moment because all organized systems will crash down in the face of nature’s fury .

We need to prepare ourselves to face a hell of a ride and hone ourselves to become the most efficient crisis managers

But How ??

The Answer is quite simple

  • Reach out to people who know their craft most importantly the ones you can trust .
  • Interact with people with similar situations and engage in analyzing conversation .
  • Take a shot at your leadership skils by teaching kids who wish to learn from you , as they say “When we teach others we see a new perspective”.
  • And for loners , introverts and HSP’s like me , Journalling is probably the best analyzing tool in most times . But the down side is it takes years to learn alone , whereas with people we get surplus amount of solutions and tactics in the nick of a time
  • Most of all holding on to hope and faith is necessary in any crisis situation it all comes down to our Inner strength and ability to withstand challenging environments.

To Teach Is To Learn Twice – Joseph joubert

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